Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning we got to sleep until the wonderful time of 7:00 am! Woohoo! After a great breakfast of eggs and muffins, we split into Dolphins and Neptunes. Today’s theme was navigation. Using our compasses, we followed a heading, made a square using the compass, and also had fun playing in the sand. By 10:30 we were back on the boat to dive! Today’s dive was amazing, over the Sand Circles we followed a heading underwater and worked together with a buddy to navigate a perfect square. On the surface, we ate lunch, and I learned the hard way that tuna salad is very hard to clean up!

The Dolphins then headed to the stern for a brief lecture on the world’s oceans. I know that everyone learned a lot! After the lecture, we went back to the mainland for a hike. It was amazing to see the difference between windward and leeward beaches right after learning more about the ocean currents. After the hike, we all had a wonderful time swimming in the beautiful BVI waters! Even though its only day three, everyone on my boat is so close and we have all begun to make lasting friendships with people on other boats. Around four we headed back to the boat and hung out (danced to songs by Shakira) until a delicious chili dinner. My “squeeze” question was “What’s the scariest thing that happened to you in the past year?” Which prompted some interesting answers. Tonight we have a night dive lecture! I am so EXCITED for night diving and for the rest of the trip but today was truly an amazing day!