Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

For some, today was the most dreaded of all AQ days. Bright and early we were subjected to the infamous Mt. Sage hike. After eating breakfast on board in Cane Garden Bay, we were shuttled to the dock where we started our hike on roads that seemed to have vertical inclines. As painful as the hike was, we were able to enjoy some of the best views in the BVI at every break in the trees. At the top of Mt. Sage, all of the AQers did a victory dance and treated themselves to some well-deserved banana smoothies. After the excitement of summiting wore off, we all nearly broke our knees coming back down the mountain. Before returning to the boats, we indulged in some cheeseburgers in paradise in Cane Garden Bay. After lunch, we motored over to Sandy Cay, where each boat competed in a sand castle contest. Southern Accent built an octopus eating Nutella, our obsession, with me like the damsel in distress entangled in one of the tentacles. I’m still trying to wash the sand out of my hair. After wrapping things up on Sandy Cay, we headed over to Jost van Dyke, where we ended the day by eating some delicious Caribbean food and dancing to reggae music at Sydney’s Peace and Love. Day 16 better bring it, because Day 15 was hard to beat.