Location: West End, Tortola

Today was our first open water dive! We ate a breakfast that consisted of bagels in yogurt courtesy of Candler and Marley and begin our day. First, we geared up and took a giant stride into the water below. Once we were in the water, we saw tarpon and other smaller fish along with coral. After we mastered our scuba skills it was off to knot tying where we learned how to make bracelets and monkeys fists. While we were knot tying, Ian and Casey told us the story of how a girl was throwing starfish that had been washed ashore back into the water. An older man came up to her and asked her what she was doing and that she wouldn’t make any difference. She continued to toss in more and more starfish and the old man began to help. Soon many other people joined her, and she inspired everybody to make a difference. Once knot tying ended, we came back to Sambamba. While our Thanksgiving feast was underway, Megan and I were making wishes of the boat at sunset, which is one of my favorite memories so far on ActionQuest. Next, we have the green beans… Or rather we didn’t. So Dyer, Marley, Candler and Gabe hunted for green beans we didn’t have for our Thanksgiving dinner so long story short we ate Thanksgiving dinner without green beans. Lastly, we wanted to say how much we will miss you Margaret!!! It was so much fun getting to know you and connecting with you. We all love you so much and hope to connect again soon.