Location: White Bay, Peter Island

The AQ fleet awoke just in time to watch a beautiful sunrise this morning. After eating cereal for breakfast, we gathered around the dock for the talk with Mike. Once “head-ucated” or educated on how to properly use the heads amongst other important things, we returned to our boat. During the next few hours, we enjoyed the breeze and learned some sailing knots as we sailed to White Bay, Peter Island. After anchoring, we passed our swimming test. Next was what we had all been waiting for, our first dive! First, we reviewed safety and how to set up our gear, and then promptly began our dive. We went over skills, such as buoyancy control, mask flooding and regulator recovery to name a few. I can’t wait to continue learning as a scuba diver! After all of this activity, we were all quite hungry. Our chefs for today, Morgan and Meriel, made delicious Sloppy Joe. Before a meeting with the other three boats on dive side, we must clean up from dinner.

I’m looking forward to watching the stars tonight and diving again tomorrow!