Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

I would say that today was the most action-packed day we’ve had so far. After a morning breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, we hopped into the dinghy for watersports. Since today was rotation day we had the opportunity to go to the beach and windsurf as well. After an exciting morning, we returned back to our beautiful boat for a lunch of sandwiches and leftovers. With full bellies, we headed back to the beach and prepared for our first dive as a group. Our first dive was not a training dive it was a fun dive, so our instructors threw a twist to us. Underwater Olympics! We completed a series of obstacles and had tons of fun. We all surfaces and rested for 5 minutes before our second dive of the day; navigation (i.e. a technical dive). After about 45mins of reading compasses, we surfaced. (unfortunately, as soon as we returned back, some of us realized just how sun burnt we were. Lessons were definitely learned). All in all, however, a pretty amazing day. Can’t wait for more adventures to come!