Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Thankfully, today was the first day of sunshine all day, and because of that, we packed so many activities into the day! We started with a 6 o’clock sail to Blue Chromis reef. The reef was vivid blue because of all the blue chromises. This dive was to practice our diving off of a boat. After descending, we swam around and saw different types of fish, such as parrotfish, trumpet fish, and puffer fish. After this dive, it was PB & J lunch and tuna sandwiches. Then, it was sails up and heading to Savanna Bay. This sail was around an hour and a half. Once in the bay, we dropped anchor for our second dive of the day. We learned how to use a compass underwater to navigate. This was extremely hard, considering we couldn’t talk to our buddies. The dive also tested our communication skills, but overall the dive was successful, and no one got lost. Once we put our gear away, we took ocean showers and had alfredo pasta with Mike, director of Action Quest, which was filled with many conversations. We wrapped up the night by having a lifeworks session. In this session, we all picked old black and white photos from a stack Mike brought over. We chose a card for qualities we liked and disliked about ourselves and a card for what a friend should be like. This conversation let everyone learn about everyone’s views on things. We began closer as a boat, and it was very beneficial! As everyone gets ready for bed after the exhausting day, we are so excited for what tomorrow brings.