Location: Marina Cay

Today was a beautiful day! After a rainy night, which was pretty damp for any outside sleepers, the weather was perfect all day. We started the morning with some eggs for breakfast and jumped right into our dive. The Dolphins on board to a briefing on quadrants and point interceptions, both methods of doing underwater surveys and research. The Neptunes geared up for their first deep dive, dropping to 90feet and from what I understood, saw some pretty cool creatures (including the 4th shark in 4 days). The Great Harbour Peter (GHP) dives were absolutely wonderful all around. After putting our dive gear away and doing a no-mercy boat clean up, we took a nice long sail to Marina Cay. Some of the group got to nap, while many others had a dance party on the way over. Maddie, Lolo, and Adi taught a few of us some sailing techniques, which was, I think, extremely successful because we didn’t hit any other boats or islands (and I was steering!). When we got to port, we filled up on water and we had some shore time. The hurricane hit hard at Trellis so most buildings were closed up and there was a strong sargassum scent, but we were able to find a few snacks and look at some go-pro pictures from the trip so far. One of our crew members, Matt, also got some corn starch for an underwater physics experiment….updates to come! The group got in for saltwater showers before Mexican food night and we all are looking forward to sleeping in new, clean sheets and cabins. Pretty soon we will listen to a lifeworks tape, and from what I hear, learn a lot about life and the people we are lucky enough to know. It’s crazy to think we’ve only been on board 9 days, but perhaps even crazier that we only have 9 more to go!