Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We woke up and played the same songs from every other day, but no one minds. Today was a rotation day so we were fairly busy. First I learned to tie many different knots from Shannon. My favorite was the cleat knot which I learned pretty quick. After knot tying we went wakeboarding, following that Ian said he was taking a boat of people to go scuba diving. This was very fun to dive in Mountain Point as it was my first time seeing fish during a dive. My dive buddy was Brandon and we practiced many skills with Maddy, such as taking off our BCDs underwater and dragging each other across the surface. We stayed underwater for some time without our mask and practiced slurping air from our mouthpiece while purging. After scuba, we had soup with crackers, which was amazing. Following that the whole crew showered, then had an interesting sailing chat with Ian. The sail chat ended and we were off to the next anchorage which I drove us the whole way because I am the skipper of the day. This was for me the best part of the day because it was a thrill! The whole sail was about two hours and I probably drove for one hour and fifty-five minutes just because we were making a raft with our ships, so Ian maneuvered. Now we are in Vixen Point connected to other boats. As I am finishing this Maddy asked me to check if the cheddar broccoli pasta is ready and it tastes amazing! Now I am going to eat this beautiful food in the breathtaking Caribbean, what a day! Can’t wait for tomorrow because I hear there is a BBQ on the beach. date: Aug 3, 2017