Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today, we did many fun things. First, we woke up super early, 6 AM, to move the boat. Afterwards, the chefs made breakfast, which was breakfast burritos. Then, we did a cleanup and got ready for our dive. It was a peak performance pointy specialist dive and everyone passed. The dive I was on allowed us to swim through hula hoops, knock overweight on the sand with our regulators, and do funny poses to work on our buoyancy. The Barracuda divers dove off a dinghy and saw a shark, two squids, a barracuda, an eel, and a lobster. When we were finished with diving, we disassembled our gear and got ready for a navigation party where we learned about navigation through charts. Also we jumped off the boat. Soon after it was time for lunch; we had grilled cheese. Then we were supposed to Zest but didn’t all get to because it was too windy. Next we learned how to make a monkey’s fist and did watersports. I did wakeboarding which was really fun. When it was over we headed back to Lascaris to take showers and prepare for dinner. For dinner, we ate risotto and Caesar salad. Finally we did the squeeze and had our final scuba chat. Lastly we got ready for bed!