Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

The day started with a bunch of rain waking us up. We all enjoyed amazing blueberry muffins and some delicious eggs followed by a great movie. Even though it has been only three days, we felt like we knew each other for a lifetime, learning new things about ourselves made every hour better than the next. Then the wind and rain slowly started to go down. We enjoyed watching the waves, spotting sea creatures, and looking at the beautiful sky. All of us love to sit at the bow of the boat as all the waves move under our feet. As the skipper, I got to drive the boat; it was nice and peaceful to steer through the endless waves. We stopped at Savanna Bay with the rest of the sail side boats following along. We jumped off the boat and played around in the water for a couple of hours. Then we had a nice dinner and are planning to watch a diving film tonight for our SCUBA chat.