Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We started the day off with a french toast breakfast. We then motored to Green Cay where we set up our dive gear to complete a search and rescue dive to find two “lost divers” (30 lb dumbbell weights). After using lift bags to get Frank and Frank 2 our of the water, we all climbed onto the hardtop to take a nap in the Caribbean sun. Our nap was not long lasting. However, we woke up to Davis pointing out a passively panicked diver. This marked the start of our first rescue scenario. After two shipmates went to help him, he quickly turned into an actively panicked diver. He then informed us that he lost two other divers who were still underwater and were unresponsive. Two buddy groups set up dive gear quickly, but carefully, and hopped in. After the divers were brought to the surface, they were given rescue breaths while being towed back to the boat. After on the boat, they were given CPR and emergency oxygen. All three divers were taken care of. While there were many things to improve on, we all worked together and put our new knowledge together to fix the problem at hand. After such an eventful scenario, we took dinghies to dive the Playgrounds where two lionfish and a spotted eagle ray were seen. After the dive, we went to Sandy Spit to catch some beach time. It was an eventful day that made our already sore legs cry, but it was so cool to be able to watch Moko Jumbie save lives.