Location: Moriah H.

To start off our day, we completed our last dive of the trip at the Indians (at 8:00 in the morning). We saw so many different corals and fish. Some people had the option to skip the dive and start to help packing and start the deep clean on the boat. With everyone’s help, we cleaned the salon, deck, cockpit, all the cabins and the heads. It was a lot of work but now the boat looks like it hasn’t even been lived on. A couple shipmates, including me, are staying two sessions and we are so sad to see everyone leave because we’ve made so many amazing friends on this trip. I love all of you guys! Now we are docked at West End, ready to get lunch and finish off our day. After everyone had lunch, we came back to the boat before the BBQ tonight. It’s so beautiful here, I never want to leave! I miss everyone already!