Location: Floreana Island, Galapagos

Today was an amazing day! It was an early start, with most of the boat waking up at about six in the morning and quickly waking up everyone else. We had a delicious breakfast of jam fiesta (a.k.a a blackberry jam sandwich). After the team was ready, we embarked on a nature walk through the beautiful island of Florieana. We were amazed to see flamingos in the overwhelming flamingo bay and got to stroll the beaches and see baby iguanas and large crabs. It was extremely hot here, so we all got our tan on the roof of the boat upon our return. While we were tanning, we made our way over to another island in which we were able to snorkel! Snorkeling in the Galapagos was such an amazing and truly unique experience; we got to see tons o’ fish, a sea turtle and several playful sea lions that showed no fear about swimming right up next to us. Then we got very cold and returned to the boat with our dingy captain Carly. We had another long rest surrounding lunch in which we made cards for our teammate Andrew! (His birthday is tomorrow). We cruised around to another area of Floriana where we visited the Post Office Bay and saw creepy spirit-ridden. Everyone was terrified. We were also able to snorkel and walk on the beach before going back to the boat. Overall it was a wonderful, sunny day with many great surprises!