Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

We were told we were going to wake up early, but I still wasn’t ready for the morning. After eating some cereal, we hiked up the highest point in the BVI. It was worth it because we got some fantastic smoothies. After my friend jammed out to music on the way up, on the way down, we found a cute dog that was named Stella. Stella followed us all the way down the steep hill. Once I got down (getting one hundred eleventh place), we ate lunch, and we all went back to our boat. Then the sandcastle building competition started. We buried Carlo to make it look like he was being swallowed by a shark. We probably won. Then we showered, and the water was so amazingly clear and opening your eyes underwater you could see so much. As I am writing this, we are about to go to our third BBQ. Let’s hope DJ Heavy Beats is there.