Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The day started off with the Carinas and some Barracudas waterskiing. While they were skiing the rest of the Barracudas enjoyed a nice breakfast consisting of regular and chocolate pancakes. After breakfast we set up our dive gear for a dive we soon realize was one of the best dives ever. The first second that we got in the water there was a tarpon waiting for us. After descending, all of the buddy groups went their separate ways because we were navigating our own dive. When the dive began immediately saw a turtle in the distance and started chasing after it. After chasing the turtle for a good amount of time, we realized we swam really far and we decided to start swimming back. After less than a minute of swimming my dive buddy, Ellie saw a lobster, and I saw a gigantic crab. The two exciting things were less than a foot away from each other. Meanwhile, we later found out that Kelly spent the whole dive chasing a manta ray! One of the other buddy groups also saw an eel! After being distracted by all the exciting things, we realized that we had spent a lot of time underwater and we had to ascend. After signaling OK to the boat, Ellie shouted: “look down there, a stingray!” We all immediately put our masks on and looked down into the water. We saw a big spotted eagle ray 20 feet below us! After watching the ray for a long time, we had to get out of the water so we could motor over to Road Town for shore time. After two hours of shore time, we sailed over to The Bight on Norman Island, where we would spend the night. After an amazing last night, we realized that the Barracudas had accomplished a total of 18 dives and the Carinas a total of 11 dives! After a fun and exciting day, we finished it off with a great meal and an evening activity. Date: Jul 26, 2017