Location: West End, Tortola

This morning we woke up to Graduation which was a sad way to start the morning. This was followed by our everyday playlist, which was followed by our everyday playlist, which we heard for the last time. After a quick breakfast of cereal/oatmeal, Ian and I went to a skipper’s meeting to start off race day! We reviewed a chart of where we would race to, the starting and finishing lines, etc. We went back to Aeolus and quickly prepared for the start of the race. If you didnt know this yet, our boat engine has been broken for a few days now, so we immediately had to raise the sail to sail off of the mooring lines. Once we were off of the mooring line, we had to raise the jib, sail around and, somehow, time it perfectly with lining up the boats and starting on time. We managed to do that perfectly, and we were off! With a hard working crew, our boat immediately took the lead. The waves were choppy, making it difficult to helm, but after about 1 hours of racing, and a close finish, I am proud to say we won! It was a victorious morning for us so far. Shortly after, we found out something was wrong with the propeller. It was temporarily fixed after Ian jumped into the water. Once docked we then cleaned the boat, went on shore, ate lunch, and did our last squeeze. We then went to our last BBQ and spent the night hanging out with our amazing shipmates. I cannot begin to express the amount of fun Ive had on this trip and am beyond grateful for the opportunities weve had and the amazing friends I have made. Thank you ActionQuest for everything! Always remember to send it and stay up and stay humble. Last Skipper Blog ” Out