Location: Galapagos

After yesterday’s huge walk, everyone was glad to go horseback riding in the Andes. The horses arrived at the Inn at 9 am. For some in the group, this was the first time riding a horse, hence the anxiety and nervousness. The weather was amazing! Not a cloud in the sky, making the scenery incredible. We trotted and galloped up and down the hills for an hour and a half. After that we visited a local cheese factory, the smell was quite strong, but for once it didn’t bother me as much. We rode our horses another 20 minutes before stopping for lunch. Those who were riding back went for a quick walk through the cloud forest, before mounting the horses again! Going up the hill was fine; however, going downhill wasn’t as easy. Everyone was sore once we got off the horses for the day! More than we were from hiking the day before! After we got back to the Inn, we had a bit of time to shower before Andres showed us the eco-toilet he is building at the local school. Back at the Inn, we hung out before dinner and worked on our journals. The bags are now packed and ready to head back to Quito. Already we feel a bit of sadness and excitement as we are ready to go back to our home base in Quito.