Location: West End, Tortola

I woke up in the blue lagoon for a long, tiring, and heartfelt night. I quickly ate some cereal and went with Shona to the skipper’s meeting about the last race, which of course we won the last one as well. After the meeting, Shona and I went back to the boat and had a briefing. I told everyone how the race was set up and I took the helm to get us to the starting line. It was honestly a bit stressful but still an amazing experience. Then my girl Natalie took the helm for the rest of the time. Ten of us sat on the high side near the sails. Alex and Jackson got soaking we at first. Then we had to go back to the cockpit then go back to the bow. So Declan, Heather, and I got as wet as Alex did. When our boat was approaching the finish line we sang “We Are The Champions” and our dysfunctional family cheered. Now we all start to move out and realize that our trip over. Packing up the whole boat is really going to hit all eleven shipmates hearts and three instructors that spent 80 days in this beautiful place. As soon as we step off this boat tomorrow, all heading back to reality, we will all remember our second home and family, La Bella Vita. date: Aug 14, 2017