Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Look at the horizon, place your hand over your regulator and mask, and take one giant stride forward. These were the instructions I gave to the 6 different open water divers I worked with during their confined water dives in the small pen we set up this morning. Most of the boat had the pleasure of diving twice today with younger shipmates. However, four of us get to go on a night dive as the ocean during the day and night is so different. When you descend in the dark it seems like it will never end but suddenly; when your flashlight illuminates the bottom it is like discovering a new planet and the excitement fills you up. This is the reason why I dive and why ActionQuest is the greatest place ever! That and the fact that the people here are all so awesome. Right now Hannah and Nick are cooking chicken Caesar salad and risotto as we watch the sun set from the best place in the BVI to watch it from: Mountain Point. This is where the sun sets perfectly in-between a distant island and the sky turns a beautiful shade of pink and orange. Once the sunsets, the real fun begins and the night dives with commence. I hope that we will see plenty of tarpon fish and maybe if were lucky and octopus. All I know, is, I can’t wait to play with the glow-sticks we attach to our tanks during the dive! Night is upon us so I have to get going. Until next time!