Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today started nice and early at 6:15. We got up to prepare for the hike to Mt. Sage! It was a very fulfilling day to say the least. Sam G. finished the hike to the summit third out of everyone, Brennan finished sixth, and I stood around in the woods for a while until I realized I was not in the right place. On the way back, many of us complained about the steep incline down and actually wished for the road to go upwards, even after hiking up for so long to the summit. We eventually figured out to go backwards to alleviate the pressure in our toes. Back at the shore, Eli got clocked in the face by a 5 year old wannabe little Rasta man, and the majority of us consumed our weight in the amazing (and cheap) ice cream available there. Then we sailed over to Sandy Spit, where we made the best sand castle ever (see picture), and others of us explored the little island and brought coconuts back to the boat. We showered and then departed for Jost van Dyke where Eli docked us and now we have Sydney’s Peace and Love BBQ.