Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was perhaps the most fun day we have had all session. After the laborious two minutes of planning the night before, we woke up at 4:00 am. As we all awoke, our collective sleepiness was replaced by unbound excitement. We were dropped off in pairs at random sail side boats in the hopes of making it half the day with them and racing with them to West End. Merm and I were placed on Squeaky Brat and before we had even truly set foot upon the vessel, one of the counselors intercepted us and told us to go back to our boat. Merm and I were prepared, however, we hastily assumed sleeping positions and refused to move. We affirmed our solidarity and resistance with a quick “Have a good night” to the counselor. Before disappearing into the salon, she told us that we would be sailing back to our boat in the morning. We tried to contain our excitement and finally went to sleep. We woke up early and decided that it would be funny to wake those on Squeaky Brat with some upbeat tunes. To our surprise, their Skipper Griffin was extremely nice and loved our music choices. He decided to keep us on his boat for the race to West End as honorary DJs 1 and 2. We made new friends and placed second, all while having a fun time! Merm and I were wearing the Hawaiian shirts that we had bought two nights before, making our prank both funny and classy. After shore time in West End, Happy Our reunited once again and we learned how each other’s pranks had turned out, with a few being put back on Happy Our this morning and others being relocated to other sail side boats. As we pulled out of the harbor, we put up our sails and traveled wind only. The huge waves allowed us to jump very high on the trampoline at the bow, which ended up getting us all wet and making us laugh hysterically. We sailed to Great Harbor, Peter Island and anchored. As lunch crept upon us, Molly told us about a double cheeseburger named “The Nap”. This giant burger contained triple layer grilled cheeses as the buns with two cheeseburgers in between. As she told us about this beast of a burger, we grew increasingly excited and we spontaneously decided to create this mystical sandwich. What followed can only be described as amazing. We had Merm create a sauce that contained a secret ingredient (Lucozade-an energy drink). Cat was on the burgers, Molly on the grilled cheeses and LoLo on the toppings. I spent the next 30 minutes running around acting as both chef and taste tester. Throughout this, a dance party was raging. We were listening to old jams and dancing and singing our hearts out. We took video blogs and blog photos during this science experiment. After a quick swim to cool off, we jumped back on the boat to a sliced burger that took up most of the plate. The taste of this creation was simply outstanding, the blend of cheese, burgers, bacon, sauce, and fresh veggies created a concoction that was both extremely delicious and satiating. After a quick clean up, we went for what was unanimously everyone’s favorite dive. It was a moonwalk dive, which involves taking off your fins and walking/jumping around. What ensued can only be described as beautiful chaos. Some people were doing backflips off one another, while others were slow-motion fighting underwater, and the rest were blowing bubble rings. The entire time, everyone was hysterically laughing which only continued on our way back to the surface. After swimming and showers, the chefs prepared a delicious Mexican meal. After, the squeeze had people talking about fictional characters that they look up to and group sing-alongs to people’s favorite songs. The night ended with the Dolphins finishing their research papers and the Neptunes studying for their certification test. This was everyone’s favorite day and it all started with a prank!