Location: La Finca, Doca Coffee Farm

 Today we did not go to La Carpio, we went to Gail’s house instead. Her home is owned by the foundation, it is called La Finca which means The Ranch, intended to be a get away for the people of La Carpio to come and enjoy the open space, nature, and pool. We helped her out in the garden by weeding, mixing compost in the soil, and planting vegetables. The garden is utilized by the people of La Carpio, giving them a source for agricultural education and fresh produce. In her backyard there is a river that is full of water and when you look in the trees you can see Jesus lizards and watch them run across the water. Also when you look on the ground there are so many life forms around ranging in size and color. After a while of working we took a break and were able to try some of the freshly beaked bread from the local bakeries. The bread was amazing, some with strawberry and pineapple filling. We went back to work after our break and worked up until it was time for lunch. After lunch we left and drove to go on a coffee plantation tour. The drive was so beautiful, the trees and mountains were so green and lush. On the drive up it started raining hard, followed by lightning and thunder. On the coffee tour we learned how the get the coffee beans out of the fruit and how to tell if it is a high or low quality coffee bean. When the tour was done we went to the butterfly garden and the butterflys were all different colors. The butterfly’s varied in size and color. Some of us were able to get the butterflys to land on our hands and it was amazing to see. When we were done at the garden we got back on the bus and headed back home. We were able to have our phones for a little and then it was dinner time and off to bed. That was all for today, we will give you another update tomorrow!