Location: St. Eustatius

Today was an early morning breakfast of cereal, made more interesting by Andy and Zach who had woken up extra early to dive down and pick up the rogue deck bucket they’d dropped the night previous in a mad dash to grab an overboard Nalgene. After breakfast, we made quick work to get the anchor up and begin passage prep. We had a nice long sail across the water to a nearby island called St. Eustatius. After a six-hour sail and a single tack, we sat down to have Evan’s nice lunch of chicken quesadillas. We were then left with free time as a staff member went to clear customs, so we busied ourselves swimming, napping, tanning and continuing to bond with one another. After a while, we all got dressed for a quick land exploration in the town. We learned the history of the island and how they’d been bombarded by the English in the 1700s. After restocking snacks and catching up with the shipmates on B Chaser, we headed back to a dinner of veggie burgers and finished off our day with a squeeze. After clean up, we’ll split up to go to our respective sail chats then head for a good nights rest.