Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was an early wake-up and a fast breakfast. This morning we had eggs, and get this, a boy bought hot sauce yesterday after ours magically disappeared. Don’t be fooled; it wasn’t magic. Anyway, after dousing my eggs in hot sauce, team Neptune took to Bolt to begin our day on Changes In Latitude with a lecture. We learned how to properly take care and fix our gear/tanks. After finishing our lecture, Alex, our handy-dandy counselor speedily drove Blot back to our boat. Later on, we snorkeled, and that is when I found a small island where I found a rope hanging from a side of a cliff which people had put there. The rope led to a pathway, however, by the time I reached the top of the hill, it was time to swim back for lunch. Our only dive of the day was a solo dive. I didn’t see much, only an eel, but others saw a white octopus. After diving, the Dolphins dissected a dogfish shark.

Meanwhile, the Neptunes did some dingy driving training with Elle and had some beach time. We took turns throwing each other in the ocean. We then went to back to the boat to take showers. For dinner, we went to the beach for a party with hot dogs and hamburgers. T’was a wonderful meal that none of us had to scrub off the deck.