Location: Polas National Park, Termales Del Bosque

 Our penultimate full day in Costa Rica kicked off with breakfast that our host families made. We all met up at the central field where we have gathered together in the mornings and sadly we said goodbye to our host parents, whom we wont see again this trip. Our host families have been housing us, feeding us, and most importantly, doing our laundry for about a week.

After our goodbyes, German, the bus driver and giver of many laughs, took us for a one and half hour drive to the Polas National Park. At the park we took a short walk up to the central building where a souvenir shop stood as well as a museum and coffee shop. At the souvenir shop we pondered purchasing thirty-eight dollar sloth stuffed animals, but eventually decided to just buy hats and other accessories. After our brief pit-stop we hiked up the trail to what would have been a beautiful sight, but the fog conspired against us and the overlook was simply a fence with an abyss of white on the other side.

After hiking back in dismay we arrived back at the center where we purchased snacks at the coffee shop. We got back on the bus after we finished eating and we drove for about a half an hour until we came to an open soccer field in the country side. At the field we ate the final lunches that our host families would pack for us and we played frisbee and soccer. We spent an hour just eating, playing, and relaxing on that field, but eventually it was time for us to get on our way, so we got back in the bus and continued our journey through Costa Rica. During this next three hour leg of the bus ride we saw many different pretty views of waterfalls and valleys, and we all slept.

After the excruciatingly long ride we arrived at the hotel, Termales Del Bosque, where we would be spending our night. This hotel sat on top of natural hot springs, so after we settled into our rooms, were disappointed that all the $28 massages were booked, and changed into our bathing suits we walked the short path down to the hot springs. We stayed in the hot springs for about two hours, resting and soaking in the sulfurous waters the whole time. After the hot springs we retired to our rooms and rinsed ourselves down for dinner.

At dinner we had a whole buffet to choose from, and all the food was hot and delicious, except for the cold food, which was cold and delicious. During dinner we relocated tables several times to avoid the flies that circled the lights in the restaurant. After dinner we had cheesecake and a forum. After the forum we played cards on the patio in front of our rooms, where we were ambushed by a frog-bearing Martn. The day had involved lots of excitement and even more driving, but overall it was enjoyable and relaxing.