Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We ate scrambled eggs as we were moving locations for the day. We later went diving with Tor, preparing for the first open water dive. Then we went waterskiing and wakeboarding. We had a delicious soup for lunch. Next, we practiced man overboard skills, where we tied a fender to a bucket and had to rescue it. After the tiring day, we headed back to the boat for a good rest. We got ready for a wonderful dinner, including chicken caesar salad, risotto, and corn. We took the PADI diving test while Derek and Cole went on their dive. Jack was there too, and we secretly prepared a cake for him. As we all finished the test they got back from the dive, and we presented the cake to Jack, and he loved it! After the cake, we all started to watch Inception, but only Mary was awake by the time the movie ended. Overall we had an awesome day! Only ten more days we are left!