Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

I would like to start this blog by saying hello, the reader (and to you, Elise!). Today we sailed from Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda to Anegada Island. On the way there, I was skippering as usual and a HUGE puff of wind hit and we heeled over so far I almost fell! Afterwards, we put a few reefs in our sails (meaning we made the sails smaller). And just kept on keeping on. Following our approximate 2 hours sailing at about 9-10 knots, we finally arrived on Anegada. We swam and ran on the flattest island in the BVIs and ate lunch there as well! We had so much fun it was crazy! Once all that was over, we sailed to Vixen Point near Prickly Pear Island. I was skipper as we moored here and we just barely made it because we lost our boat hook! So, now that we are here cooking dinner, showering and for me writing the blog, we are settling down here, at ActionQuest, in the beautiful, refreshing, British Virgin Islands!