Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up early to a space jam. At 6:30 the song space jam begun to play very loudly to wake us up. It was awesome! Once everyone was awake (which didn’t take long), we ate and started to sail. We finished our practical sailing test. We all tied knots we have learned throughout the trip and people who hadn’t done the sailing part took turns driving the boat. We jibed and tacked to the port we started at, West End. We ended up staying there for a while. During my time there I bought gifts for everyone in my family, used a flush toilet, had fish and chips, talked with the locals for at least 30 minutes, hung out with Laurasia, checked in with my parents, and just had fun in general in the gorgeous Caribbean. When we got back to the boat dominoes and Egyptian Ratscrew, a great card game, were played until we got on our PFDs, otherwise known as pfdizzles or personal flotation devices. I don’t know what happened on deck during our sail, because I was below deck reading. We are now in a place called Great Harbor, Peter Island. It is gorgeous! More beautiful Caribbean blue water and great fish. Barracudas have a night dive tonight. We are about to go to a Lifeworks meeting, learning a lot.