Location: Anegada

Waking up early from a long night of dancing and singing, we all dragged ourselves out of bed and put on our life jackets for a sail to Anegada. The boat rocking side to side with water splashing everywhere was a great way to start our long and wonderful day. We are all starting to grow as a team and family and we got all the sails up while playing some competitive games. After chowing down our PB&J, we hopped in the dinghies and started heading to shore. Not wasting time, we split into 2 groups to start the trash scavenger hunt. After awhile the short game turns into a long 4-mile walk in the hot sand. Seeing the orange tape marking the end of our walk was a life saver, with ice cream as a reward. With our tummies rumbling, we raced home and cooked our food for Mexican night, sharing many smiles and laughter.