Location: Sydney's, Jost van Dyke

Today we were at Sydney’s on Jost van Dyke and we visited “Foxy’s”, which is one of the top 10 New Year’s destinations. We met the man, the myth, the legend himself :Foxy. He told some humorous tales introduced us to his family and than sang some funny songs on his guitar. Than we helped build a irrigation system and garden beds that will help make the island self-reliant without support from government, and in the words of one of the Preservation Society workers, Ethan, “a libertarian’s greatest dream.” It was cool building it because we were making something that will be super important for them and will last for decades. After that, we hiked up the mountain, saw some goats and learned about how the islands were formed from volcanoes (cool!). When we finished working we were all dirty and sweaty and took our normal salt-water showers, and Jaden (not surprisingly) managed to water-slap himself in the face by failing literally every single dive (He was saltier than the salt water he was diving in). Watching him try to preform “the fish out of water” was truly a spectacle to see and by far the best part of the day. Then we docked and bought some funny souvenirs and clothing, and a couple minutes later, the BBQ began and we ate some delicious chicken and pasta and salads and partied for 5 hours.