Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was our first rotation day of the session. It was easily the most hectic and fun day so far. Our day started early at 6 AM this morning. We all rushed to get dressed and have breakfast before we went off to our first dive! After we cleaned up and thoroughly applied sunscreen, we were off to get our gear ready for our dive. Both dives of the day set an incredibly high bar for the rest of the session! We saw beautiful coral and even witnessed a stingray in its natural habitat! Once we got all our gear put away we all came back for a quick lunch of amazingly satisfying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After yet another layer of sunscreen, we were shuttled to our next rotation. We got to spend a really fun two hours windsurfing and swimming on the gorgeous beach that we are anchored at. Then, we went to dinghy school and water sports! Most of us got up on the wakeboard after a couple tries. We all had a few turns learning how to safely drive the dinghies. Finally, we showered and had dinner. Now we are waiting to go to our first Lifeworks talk. Can’t wait to see how tomorrow will top this day!