Location: The Bight, Norman Island

After arriving and settling in, today we woke up at 6 am. We got out our breakfast cereal and apple slices. After breakfast, we went to a talk with Mike! We talked about a lot of things from safety to sanitation. Then we got ready to leave the dock. We got all our jobs and got ready to go. We got to see the radio and how it worked and we got to learn how to drive the sailboat and raise the sails! It took us about two hours to get to a beautiful bay where we anchored and did our swim test. Then we hung out and got to know each other better. Next, we went snorkeling! We went to some beautiful caves and it was really cool to see all the fish. We also saw a lot of squid and coral. Everything was so beautiful! We took showers off the back of the boat. That was so much fun! Next, we came to another bay where we are spending the night. Mike came over for dinner, which was so exciting! Next, we did the squeeze. I was really cool to kind of get to know everybody’s hometown! Today was an amazing day and I can’t wait for tomorrow.