Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today marked the first full day spent on the vessel, as well as the one-day anniversary of meeting all of our new shipmates. Being the first skipper of the voyage, I was initially unaware of the responsibilities associated, which involved steering the vessel and operating the engine throttle, putting the risk of crashing a million dollar yacht into my hands. It was a lot of fun, and I didn’t break anything, which I consider a success. We woke up early around 6am, had a cereal breakfast, then went to a dad-joke packed safety lecture from Mike. Afterwards we were assigned roles and I started working on the pre-sail checklist, and we were off the water about an hour later. We motored/sailed to the Caves, where we first hopped in the warm water and snorkeled. We saw lots of wildlife, including completing the task of “finding Dory;” blue tangs. We came back to the boat and had a shower. We changed into clean, dry clothes, completed the checklist again and went to Bight to moor and sleep for the night. We had Sloppy Joe’s, cleaned up, and I am rushing to finish this entry before our first two hour scuba talk with Jay, which includes a little TV, a promising sign after an astounding first day without my phone. It has been a long day, but exciting and fun and I loved meeting all these new people, and I’m excited to call Aeolus my new home for the next three weeks. I am also very tired.