Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today’s morning was an early one. We all woke up to Alisa’s wonderful music at 6:30 am and spent the first couple of hours drying off from the wet night and getting ready for the water. After that, it was time for the famous dock talk with the director of AQ. However, because of the rain, it turned into a meeting upstairs in the restaurant. Despite the location change, the talk went perfectly as always. We learned all the safety procedures. It was the departure time from the dock. All the students headed back to their boats, and we took to the water. We left the dock at 10:30 and the sails were up at 11:00 am. The trip to White Bay took a couple of hours with the sun out the entire way. Once we arrived on Peter Island, we went through some more safety information for the trip and then we were able to hop in the water. The refreshment was necessary with the heat here; we were all extremely relieved. After we passed our swim test, it was time for our check-out dive. The dive consisted of a reminder of all of the important skills for diving. We all passed fine, and there were no problems! After the dive, we all showered and got some well-needed rest. The last hours of the day were spent hiding from the sun and eating dinner. We are all excited about this session and the dives to come!