Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today was awesome. We got an early start, had breakfast, and went for a dive skills demonstration dive. Now, instead of simply performing the skills, we must be able to perform them at demonstration quality. Skills need to be slow and exaggerated for performance to new divers. After that, we headed to the beach to assist the instructors and the new divers with everything from moving tanks and setting up equipment, to helping divers figure out how they want their equipment. While most of the DM candidates performed the advanced swim test, four of us (myself included) were brought to assist instructors in the water with students. With the advanced students, it was my job to follow the group and manage any problems. In this position, I carried extra weight for divers and turned out to have needed it. After that, the DM candidates all returned to the beach to pack up the equipment needed for transport. This included folding the enormous tarp, which took us over 30 minutes. After that, we returned tot he boat, packed up our gear, and prepared for our dinner of chili and rice. Now we are frantically trying to complete our homework after having such a busy day. After it rained all day yesterday, it was a huge relief to have a day of mostly sun. We all hope it will remain clear for day 5 of the program tomorrow, our visit to the Baths.