Location: Marina Cay

We kicked off today with a creature filled dive at Mario’s reef. Caribbean reef sharks, sea wasps, giant lobsters, and moray eels made today’s dive one of the best yet. The reef looks like “a field of wildflowers” as Alisa likes to say. After our amazing dive, we had a super fun motor over to Marina Cay, complete with huge swells and tuna melts courtesy of Davis. Once there, we refueled and headed over to Trellis Bay for some shore time. Moko J had lots of fun ashore and of course, called our families in between using REAL bathrooms and eating shore food. In Marina Cay, Moko J took saltwater showers with Pelegrino in tow of course before sitting down to a nice dinner of tortellini. During our daily squeeze, the group finally reached, in my opinion, the point at which we became closer than ever. Family, not just shipmates. I love everyone on this boat, and I am beyond pumped to spend ten more days with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met!