Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The trip is officially closing in so it is crucial to make the most of every day. Today is a prime example of one of those days. The shipmates and I woke up to the scrumptious smell of pancakes. After feasting, we prepared for “The First Annual Easy Breezy Covergirl Knot Tying Competition of the Ages.” Basically, it was a tournament between shipmates to prove their ability to tie the 8 essential knots. Sierra won and therefore received free gelato thanks to our skipper George. Afterward, as the skipper, I helmed us over to Road Town through the strong winds. It was such an enlightening experience because I realized I was more than capable of sailing, even in the rough conditions. Once in Road Town, we ate a delicious lunch, bought souvenirs, and acquired some snacks for the last couple of days. Next, we sailed over to The Bight at Norman Island. This is where we will be anchoring for the night. After we anchored we took our last swim in the beautiful and clear waters of the British Virgin Islands. After we swam/showered, the staff headed over to a staff meeting, so dinner was up to us. We made delicious franks and beans and somewhat successful cornbread. Theo, Nate, and I partook in hilarious improv skits. After dinner, George introduced an activity where we write a short letter to each shipmate and staff. We are currently writing these notes now and I can already predict the positive impact it will have on each person. I hope the remaining day or so will live up to this amazing day!