Location: Marina Cay

Today was a very different day. I ate oatmeal breakfast and then went to a different boat. There, I went on my first dive of the day. We went to Brewer’s Bay to do our third navigation dive. We had to read slates on the ocean floor to find out where to go next. After that, we ate quesadillas for lunch. Soon after the tanks were refilled with air, we went on our second dive of the day. We saw a couple of nurse sharks, parrot fish and tons of awesome coral. After we surfaced, ‘The Entertainer’ (my boat) went for the same dive. After that, we went for a short sail to the place that we have our hike tomorrow, Marina Cay. At the dock, we refilled on water and gas. Soon after, we left the dock to anchor in the harbor. Now we are chilling and eagerly waiting for dinner, and the big day we have tomorrow.