Location: Marina Cay

We started the day off by motoring from Mountain Point to Great Dog at around 6:30 am. Upon arriving at Great Dog, the Sailing Curls crew, except Kelly and Austin, took a dinghy over to the Squeakybrat boat thus allowing other divers to kit up and dive off of Sailing Curls. We dove the Chimneys around 10 am and the open water divers completed their open water dive number three whereas the advanced divers had the opportunity to go on a basic fun dive. Throughout the dive, we saw animals varying from trumpet fish and parrot fish to a Spanish hogfish and even nurse sharks. After returning from the dive we had ramen noodles for lunch, which was followed by an “ever so friendly” rain storm. We then motored from Great Dog to Marina Cay, during which the rain continued so we made use of our time by playing simple games and solving riddles. Once we arrived at Marina Cay we took Hibiclens showers and passed the time by playing card games. Because of the continuing rain, we ate dinner below deck, which was followed by a Lifeworks Forum and movie night. date: Aug 7, 2017