Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very exciting and action-packed day. After waking up in GHP, we had a short motor over to the location of the Rhone wreck. After mooring, we set up our dive gear and had a short discussion on the history of the Rhone. It was a British mail ship, the second one ever deemed unsinkable by the Royal Navy, the first being the Titanic. The Rhone sunk during the hurricane after having crashed into submerged Blonde Rock. Once in the water, we explored the wreck which was incredible. Once the dive was complete, we took a short hike on Salt Island. Here we had a great view of the Caribbean. After this excursion, we returned to GHP. After relaxing for an hour or two, we geared up and got back in the water for a training dive. The objective was to locate a blue dumbbell. With this, we had a chance to practice our search and recovery skills. Afterward, we showered, and the chefs prepared dinner. Today was a blast, and we all love the chance to explore such an incredible wreck.