Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a day full of sailing. First, we raised our anchor at Leverick Bay, and we sailed in the direction of Anegada. We ate our breakfast and then proceeded to pursue full sail power. We raised the main after getting caught several times on the lazy jacks and soon after we unfurled the jib with no hassle. On the way to Anegada, we could feel the wind in our sails and the waves smacking against the side of our boat. When we reached Anegada, we rode the dinghy to shore, and we proceeded to explore the flattest land of the whole BVI. After that, we sailed to Mountain Point, a dive site that we dove yesterday in the light. We finished mooring, ate dinner, and assembled our dive kits. Straight after eating we hopped into the water. Soon after meeting the darkness we flicked on our lights and descended. Down at the bottom, we saw squid, lobster, tarpon, and lionfish. We ascended with smiles on our faces and then proceeded to board the boat. We disassembled our gear and crashed, waiting for another day like this.