Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today started at about 7am this morning. Our chefs, Miguel and Charlie, were woken up first to start cooking our breakfast which was scrambled eggs with blueberry muffins. After breakfast we started cleanup, which consists of washing the dishes and cleaning the deck. At about 10:15am we set out on our journey to Trellis Bay. Along the way we practiced man overboard drills with a fender as the man overboard. Finally at around noon we arrived at Trellis Bay. We all got our phones back and took some money out of the “bank” so we could purchase some snacks and lunch ashore. After two hours of some shore time we headed to our final destination of the day, Muskmelon Bay. We took our salt water showers and our chefs prepared our dinner of chili and rice. After cleanup we did a Lifeworks Forum where we went in circles answering questions about how people’s attitudes affect others. After a long day it was time for bed. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings here at ActionQuest!