Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The divemaster crew had another early start to the day this morning. After breakfast the rotation day swung into action. The first rotation included assisting instructors with their open water students and the confined water skills they have been working on. My group practiced buoyancy skills, a controlled emergency ascent and swimming underwater without a mask on. My second rotation this morning was re-learning and perfecting rescue scenario #7. After “saving” Jared (pretending to be an unconscious diver on the bottom of the ocean), Jimmy helped me pull him out of the water and onto the boat. The divemasters also all finished our last physical test which was the stress test (swapping all of your gear with your buddy underwater while sharing one regulator). After the second rotation we ate lunch. The divemaster crew had two more rotations after lunch and I was able to go on a few dinghy rides to drop off empty tanks and pick up full ones with Hannah, JJ and Jules. Chance and I also put together our creative minds to make paper plate awards for the dive instructors. While the chefs began making Thanksgiving dinner we motored our home around the corner to where those going on a night dive tonight are diving. Today was definitely an exhausting one, but a lot of fun.