Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we got to sleep in til seven before heading to the wreck of the RMS Rhone, eating our breakfast of oatmeal on the way we also had a mini-history lesson as Taylor told us the tragic story of the Rhone. Once we moored up, we quickly jumped into the water. Neptunes split from the Dolphins, and our group got to see a sea turtle before entering the wreck. (The Dolphins got to see it too! The only one who missed it was Alex, who misinterpreted the hand single) We also got to see a huge pufferfish! After our dive, we met up with the rest of the dive side and hiked Salt Island before returning to the boat and eating a great lunch Marina made for us. After lunch was cleaned up, we sailed back to GHP for the night. We set up dive gear for our night dive and jumped in for a snorkel. We saw many huge tarpon as well as an Eagle Ray. Then we just hung out of the boat and started cooking dinner when Allie spotted a Manta Ray. It was a mad dash into the water as many of us had never seen one before. Back on board, Will came over to join us for dinner, made by Hugh and Payton. After dinner is cleaned up, we will go night diving! Everyone is doing the navigation portion for their cert, with the exception of Payton, Jordan, and I, who already have the night specialty, and we will be diving with Will. We had such a great day and miss you guys at home so much!