Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today began with a meal of breakfast burritos using Mexican night’s leftover tortillas as well as some real bacon bits. Today was another rotation day. Our first activity was learning about charts and navigation on Bella. We learned how to read charts as well as how to use bearings to find our location in the beautiful (but windy) Mountain Point. Afterward, we sailed Picos, small sailboats, around the anchorage either in pairs or solo. Lunch was a delicious Tuscan white bean soup. After cleanup, we went to Zourite to finish our last two confined water dives. The water was much clearer than our first dive, which made the dive much easier as well as letting some of the shipmates see a stingray. The final rotation was man overboard practice on Calypso, which consisted of saving Bob the fender, as well as a lot of pointing and yelling. For dinner, we ate chicken, Caesar salad and risotto. Tonight we have a final scuba chat, and our first open water dive is tomorrow!