Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

After a hurried breakfast of burritos (influenced by Mexican night last night), we headed to Mountain Point for a rotation day. We started diving in the morning. The Vegas and the Barracudas both had a fantastic time at the confined waters and the coral reef! For lunch, we had Tuscan white bean soup, quickly cleaned up, deckied, and hurried off to our boat navigation lesson. All of us learned a ton about charts, rules of the road, markers, and much more. After the lessons, we continued to learn with man overboard drills. Of course, we didn’t use a real person (because then it wouldn’t be a drill), but we still had a whole lot of fun learning. Then came my favorite part of the day. After dinner, the Barracudas went for their first-night dive of the session. Everybody saw different nocturnal marine creatures. I saw three shrimp, a transparent fish, and a bunch of sea urchins. We had a bit of bioluminescence, but I could only create three blue sparks. This was definitely my best and most enjoyed night dive (… out of two)! When we came back, we saw a cluster of tarpon gathered around the side of our boat. I estimated them to be about half the deck long! They were scary and fascinating at the same time. We also tried baking cookies (which didn’t turn out good but were safe for human consumption) and went to sleep. Good night!