Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

La Bella Vita rose this morning to another bright Caribbean sun. As the chefs cooked breakfast burritos, the crew gathered in their cabins to put on bathing suits and sunscreen to prepare for another rotation day. After the egg and bacon burritos and a quick clean up, La Bella Vita split into Carinas and Vegas and dinghied to their respective activities. The rotation day consisted of wakeboarding/waterskiing, diving, a navigation lecture and Pico relays. The day was full of highlights and memorable moments, however one stood out among the rest: while on the watersports rotation a wild dolphin came to accompany us in the water. The entire crew was filled with exuberance as we jumped into the water to witness this amazing creature swim below our own feet and pop up above the surface. The dolphin was no more than ten feet away at points and some even said that they could hear the dolphin’s sound underwater! After our encounter with “Flipper”, we made our way home to race Picos. After a tough wind shadow from Mike’s boat onto La Bella Vita’s Pico, we held a tough loss but had fun sailing around afterwards. After we ate lunch and recovered from our post 3 grilled cheese food comas, we made our way diving and snorkeling to see trumpet fish and squid! Now we are settled down in our floating home to eat AQ’s version of Thanksgiving dinner. Later our advanced divers will go for a night dive at the site that they previously snorkeled. As you can tell, we are all having an amazing time in this amazing place with our own amazing crewmates!