Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today began at 6:30. We feasted on an AQ first; breakfast burritos! After breakfast, all of the rest of the sail side came over to our boat for rotations. So for us as DMs, we were doing something different every two hours. Typically most of us assisted instructors with the open water students or leading snorkels around the cove. But we also had to do tank runs to Manic Compression, which is the compressor boat that fills tanks. Another thing we had to do during rotations was to go down with Jake or Ivan, who are the divemaster instructors and demonstrate our proficiency with skills. Things like removing your mask and swimming 50 kick cycles and then putting it back on! The point of these exercises isn’t simply to do it, but instead to make it look easy for students you might be demonstrating in front of. Slow and easy with a lot of hand signals is what is best! Highlights of today have included a (small) accidental discharge of the poorly placed fire extinguisher we named “Franz.” It was hilarious and also a little messy. Probably my favorite was hearing about the octopus that ran off with the reel that Justin left on the bottom in the sand for a few minutes on a dive. Mr. Octopus ran off with the reel back to his cave, but he let it go, and Justin went and got it back.