Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today is Wednesday June 23rd, the 9th day of our adventure. It’s hard to believe how fast the time is going. Seems like only a day or two ago we were sitting awkwardly around the cockpit introducing ourselves and scouting out the situation. Little did we know just one week later we would be some of the closest of friends. It makes me a little sad to think the we are more than a third of the way done with our trip, but when I look back at how much we did in the first 9 days I realize I still have all the time in the world to learn new things, make new friends and create priceless memories with the friends I’ve already made. But lets take things one step at a time. The skipper yesterday may gave written about this, but I will briefly sum up our misadventure. After a quick stop at Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda; we sailed about 10 knots to the Northwest in the island of Anegada. We had a nice picnic on the beach, then raised anchor at about 4 pm. The water was a little choppy, but aside from that it appeared we would have smooth sailing all the way to Mountain Point. It wasn’t to be however as when we went to longline the dinghies the tow line got caught in the propeller. Our staff members attempted to untangle the propeller, but after a few unsuccessful attempts, we decided to leave it until we could dive on it with SCUBA tanks. At this point it was a little after 6 pm and the sun goes down at 7. Seeing as we were barely off the shore at Anegada and it was a 2 hour sail we realized we were in for the first night sail of our lives. We turned on the navigation lights, played some music, and got ready to party. We talked, danced, and laughed all night and it was great fun. We finally made it to Mountain Point about an hour and a half after the sun went down, did our scuba chat, and went to bed. Morning came quick, as we had to move the boat at 7 am and work up at 6. Mike came over and fixed our propeller, we moved the boat, and started getting ready for a long day After a quick breakfast of bagels and yogurt, we rode over to the dive boat and completed out confined water dive. We came back to our boat for a brief navigation lesson, then had a power lunch of chicken Caesar salad and risotto. It was a quick turnaround because we got out on the boats for some water-sports and capped our day off with some small boat Pico sailing. Our boat settled down for a quick nap before showering and starting to make dinner. Then, we got a surprise call, Mike, the Director of AQ, was going to have dinner on our boat. We made Squeaky brat look squeaky clean and had an amazing dinner of Mexican food with Mike. We sat around and chatted for a little, then the highlight of the day began. It started when Mike pulled out these old postcards. We were pretty lost, but he gave simple enough instructions. Pick one that symbolizes something you’re proud of and one that symbolizes something you want to change. Finally, pick one that symbolizes what true friendship means to you. It was so amazing to see how my shipmates thought of themselves and their friendships. My friend Marissa showed incredible courage by telling the group some really personal stuff and letting a lot of weight off her chest. In all, it was awesome to see everyone open up like that. Unfortunately this had come to an end and we said our goodbyes to Mike. We washed up, swabbed the decks and settled in for our final SCUBA chat. Our Instructor, Annie (aka Mom), explained dive compasses and underwater navigation before giving us the final quiz. The tension is in the air as tomorrow is the big day, the final test. Right now it is about 11:15 PM but it feels much later after the big day. I will wrap up this entry the same way I began it. The fact that 9 days of our trip have already passed is so bittersweet. Not only because we are almost halfway done, but also because we have plenty more time for great experiences.