Location: Marina Cay

Today was awesome! We woke up early and ate cereal, cleaned the dishes, and got ready to start the day. Then we sailed to our next stop, practicing jibes with a different person on the helm and mainsheet every time. After a little break of changing into our swimsuits and putting on sunscreen, we took a dinghy onto a boat named Tropical Oasis. We sorted into our groups and assembled our scuba gear, putting the BCD strap on the scuba tank, and getting the regulator on as well. We then took a giant stride off the side of the boat, and started a 30-minute dive, practicing skills and swimming through the coral reef. Some of the groups saw lobsters, baby nurse sharks, tons of jellyfish, lionfish, sea urchins, puffer fish, and lots of coral. After we concluded our dive with a three-minute safety stop at 15 feet underwater, we got our gear disassembled and got shuttled back to our boat. After, when we sailed to get fresh water, we freshwater showered. When we finished filling the boat up with water, we moved to another place and anchored there for the night. We ate pasta for dinner, had a Lifeworks chat, and listened to a speech by Jim Tuman and got ready for bed, hanging the hammocks up and setting up the blue lagoon. Everyone talked for a few minutes and fell asleep. I can’t believe we are halfway through! I’m so excited for what tomorrow brings!